The history of


MHR Burger’s started it’s business around 2008, where we have only RM 200.00 as our startup capital. My brother, Helmi and I, both of us try to run our business even we did not have any knowledge in business at that time. On the first day, we did only earned RM 100.00. It was not that much, but it was only enough for us to pay some of our expenses. Furthermore, we did not have any savings and no goals and direction for our business yet.

After a few years without direction and any knowledge in business, we started to learn a little bit, the flow of handling our business and thinking on how to grow MHR Burger’s. Some of our associates looked down upon us but we denied every single of them and focused towards proving ourselves, that we can do this.

After 10 years, we already changed our premise location more than 4 times and finally on 2018, we opened our first main restaurant at where we are right now. From there, we started to grow our brand. We provide some of western cuisines to act as our main attraction.

Around the year 2020, we were on our peak. We have run a program named “Burger Seringgit” Finale and it was launched on a TV show, called Malaysia Hari Ini on TV3 channel. We also managed to get a Halal certificate from JAKIM in October 2020 and successfully trademarked our logo which is MHR Burger.

Our tagline “Your Burger Expert”, give us the motivation to provide the best Burger and Western cuisines for our customers to dine in or to be delivered to their home. We will make sure, our food will be on top of this country and will be remembered by everyone.